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A 10+ year flight paramedic aspiring to start a career in programming and web development. The past year has been spent self-learning HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript and React. I am also experienced in Python, SQL, Node.js, Agile, Photoshop and Git. My projects have taken me on a journey where I have worked with asynchronous API actions, databases, numerous libraries and methods. I have learned design methods, expanded my creativity and continue to strive to learn more about the tech industry.

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Movie Database

I made this project in order to practice with the MERN stack. Using Node and Express for the backend / middleware, and I was able to establish API flow to my React front-end. I learned a lot about Heroku and Netlify as I hosted this project. I was able to learn a lot about fullstack development and the tools available for me. I made use of MUI for some front-end elements and learned a ton about data handling.

• React • MongoDB • Express • Node.js


This weather project was an API and DOM manipulation heavy website that required a lot of async calls. I also learned a lot about mobile responsiveness and styling with traditional CSS. I was able to implement a metric-to-imperial conversion system, read and utilize time systems as well as utilize JSON for information as needed.

• Javascript • REST API • Async

Medical Portfolio

I created this portfolio by request from a medical professional who was job hunting. This project allowed me to try some new styles and further work on my SCSS and mobile responsive skills. I learned about new ways to style using SCSS and further learned about layout and controlling space / empty space on websites.

• Javascript • SASS • Responsive Design

Chat App

This chat application was a fun project. I had always wanted to create a chat room and I was able to style it as my own. I was able to further expand my knowledge of databases and authentication with this adventure. I continued to learn about React and took my knowledge of Style Sheets further. This chat features user authentication and real-time database updating and calling via API.

• React • Database API • Authentication

Dictionary App

This dictionary application allowed me to practice my REST API use and SCSS. I utilized a free dictionary API and manipulated the returned JSON to provide word definitions for the user. I learned more about multidimensional arrays and mapping through them in react as well as further broadened my knowledge of REST APIs.

• React • REST API • SCSS

Enchanted Mountain

The Enchanted Mountain Brewing company site is a project I initiated to utilize some new SASS skills. The site is a take on a private company business style website utilizing a common modern design style and styling. Working on this project I was able to try my hand at multiple common site features such as pop-up windows and scroll-to.

• Javascript • SCSS • Responsive Design

Between The Lines

Drawing Between The Lines was a team effort between myself and Richard Gonzalez. We created this app as our entry into the Mintbean Hackathon of Q4 2021. I, personnally, worked with Canvas in React which was a challenge. I learned to adapt vanilla javascript practices to the React environment had in some instances had to come up with creative solutions due to a lack of documentation on this approach.

• React • HTML5 Canvas • SCSS

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